EGO Power+

The industry’s most advanced Lithium Ion battery.

EGO’s ARC Lithium™ Battery Technology delivers Power Beyond Belief.

Arc Lithium Design

EGO’s industry-leading technology maximizes the power, longevity, and delivery to the entire EGO lineup. Each cell is surrounded by EGO’s Keep Cool Cell Technology, revolutionary phase changing material pushes heat away from the cells to keep them cooler longer. Cells are then placed in EGO’s patented ARC Lithium™ design to keep the battery from overheating and your equipment running at full power for longer on a single charge. EGO’s intelligent power management monitors and optimizes each individual cell to maximize power, performance, and runtime. All of this technology is housed in EGO’s sealed and shock resistant design to guarantee the highest level of performance and durability possible, protecting batteries from the elements and drops.

Arc Lithium Design
Arc Lithium Design

3P Advantage

EGO is the only high voltage battery system that uses a third, parallel row of cells, that we call 3P. With three rows of cells, our battery can handle even the most challenging conditions by evenly distributing the power across the three rows. The result is a tool that can run longer and perform better than any other tool on the market.

EGO's Technology Maximizes Power, Performance and Runtime
#1 Rated Platform

EGO is the #1 Rated cordless platform in the outdoor power equipment industry. #1 Rated by the leading consumer publications, by the influencers and by the online reviews. EGO's patented ARC Lithium technologuy is designed to work with all EGO POWER+ products, so you can maintain your entire yard off one battery system.

EGO Lineup
Arc Lithium Design

Designed To Perform

Many EGO POWER+ tools are engineered so that the battery fits externally, keeping them cooler and delivering longer lasting power.

Arc Lithium Design

The Fastest Charge

Simply place your battery on the charger and get back to work in minutes with EGO’s industry-leading recharge times.

Rocket Fuel