Product Bare Tool Weight (lbs.) Line Diameter Loading System Shaft Material Compatible with Extension Pole

Power+ 15" String Trimmer with Powerload™


7.28 0.095" POWERLOAD™ Carbon Fiber N/A

Power+ 15" String Trimmer With Rapid Reload


7.34 0.095" Rapid Reload Aluminum N/A

Power+ 15" Rear Motor String Trimmer with Rapid Reload Head


N/A N/A N/A N/A no

Power+ 15" String Trimmer


6.7 0.095" Bump Head Aluminum N/A

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EGO cordless mowers match or surpass the power of gas mowers.

Whether you want a push mower or the ease of self-propelled, our lineup gives you push-button starting, LED headlights and more.

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