EGO Replacement Rapid Reload+ Trimmer Head (clockwise)



Trimmer head holds up to 16’ of 0.095” string line. As an upgrade to our Rapid Reload String Trimmer Head, the Rapid Reload+ Trimmer Head allows you to insert line from any angle, no need to line up the green lines before you insert the line. A nice upgrade to make the #1 pain point in string trimmers easier! For use with EGO Power+ Rapid Reload+ String Trimmer model: ST1500SF/ST1500F.

Tech Specs

  • Any Insert – No need to align the eyelet and spool before inserting the line, easy to use
  • Free Rotating Bump Cap – less load; better runtime
  • Cap twist to rewind – no tangle line during rewinding
  • Takes both 0.080” & 0.095” line– covers homeowners and pro users
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance