Power+ 20" Lawn Mower

  • The EGO POWER+ Mower is the most advanced rechargeable mower on the market today. The EGO POWER+ Mower delivers the performance of gas without the noise, fuss and fumes.

    The features of the EGO POWER+ Mower include: Weather resistant construction (ipx4), a 20” Deck that reduces the number of passes required to mow your lawn; true 3-in-1 function for superior performance, whether you are mulching, bagging or using the side-discharge chute; and LED headlights for mowing anytime—morning or evening. The EGO POWER+ Mower makes 30% less noise than a gas powered mower and the compact, foldable design makes storing and cleaning the mower more convenient than any other.

    • At least a 45-Minute Cut Time (with 4.0Ah battery or higher): The battery run time exceeds the charge time
    • Fold Flat In Seconds: Convenient storing and cleaning
    • 20” Cut Capacity: Cut more grass in less time
    • True 3-In-1 Function: Superior mulching, rear bagging and side discharge performance
    • LED Headlights: Allow for mowing anytime
    • 600W, High-Torque, Magnetic Motor: Designed for gas like power at 3300RPM
    • Convenient Push-Button Start: No more pull cord, easily starts at the press of a button
  • LM2000 Mower User Manual


    LM2000-S Mower User Manual

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