Power+ 280W dual port charger


Simultaneously charge two EGO batteries of any size.

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Get back to the job faster with the new EGO 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Dual Port Charger. Simultaneously charge two EGO batteries of any size. Both ports monitor and control each cell in the battery pack to control temperature for maximum battery life. The active cooling fan system and advanced communication with the battery supports rapid charging without overheating. The dual port system ensures limited downtime with any battery in the EGO platform.

Tech Specs

  • Simultaneous charging with dual ports
  • Charges all EGO Power+ batteries
  • Charges the 2.5Ah battery in 45 minutes, the 5.0Ah battery in 90 minutes, the 7.5 battery in 135 minutes and 10.0Ah battery in 180 minutes
  • Active cooling fan system prevents the battery and charger from overheating
  • Charge current (ampere): 8
  • Input power (ampere): 560
  • Input voltage & frequency: 120V, 60Hz
  • Net weight: 5.85 lbs
  • Output voltage (volt): 56V
  • Tool Height (inch): 10.7
  • Tool Length (inch): 10.7
  • Tool Weight (pound): 5.85
  • Tool Width (inch): 10.5
  • USB charging: NO

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