Christmas Decorations Beyond Belief


In holidays of yore, simple strings of lights and Christmas trees were the definition of holiday splendor. Decorations for Christmas have certainly come a long way over time. If you’re the type who just won’t settle for traditional, how can you decorate your home in a way that takes it beyond belief? Here are a few decorations that will truly take your holidays to the next level.




Sure you can get a cardboard Santa Claus to stick on your door. But why not get a singing, dancing automated Santa to adorn your home this Christmas? If you’re feeling really ambitious, get some automated reindeer to accompany him.




If you want to have the best decorations in the neighborhood, remember to incorporate the popular trend in Christmas decorations: inflatables. Whether it’s a huge snowman or a caroling family, inflatables are true holiday showstoppers.


Icicle Lights.


Replace your tried-and-true light strings with icicle lights .Icicle lights are a way of doing showy, impressive Christmas decorations that also look classy and emphasize the beauty of winter.


Reinvent the Classics.


Traditional Christmas wreaths are cool but doing something non-traditional with them can be even cooler. Why not stack them into columns and wrap lights around them next to your door? Or instead of one wreath, put three in the shape of a snowman on your door. Try to think up your own reinventions of classic Christmas decorations.



When it comes to decorations, sometimes bigger is better. Great big decorating may take more time, but it will totally be worth the extra effort you put in. Instead of stringing lights on your bushes, cover your whole house. Put light-up candles in all of your windows. Set up lights that they’ll see from passing airplanes. Christmas comes but once a year so decorate to commemorate the event.

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