Tech Savvy Gifts for the Holidays


Finding the perfect gift can be stressful. Many people, after weeks of trying to find just the right gift, will just throw their hands up in defeat and get everyone on their list gift cards. Don’t let this be you this year. We’ve searched the world over and found the latest, coolest gadgets for everyone on your list.


iPhone 6 Plus


Have a friend or family member who’s still rocking an iPhone 4S? Time to upgrade? The iPhone 6 Plus is quite literally the biggest iPhone ever and it might just be the best.





Everyone has at least one coffee addict on their list. Quick espresso in the morning can be hard to make yourself. Espresso machines are either expensive and pretty good, or cheap but lousy. Enter Nespresso. The Nespresso will get your caffeine-craving friend the boost they need with a flavor they’ll enjoy--and the price won’t bust your budget.


EGO Power+ Chain saw




If you’re shopping for someone who loves yard work, consider getting something they don’t already have: a chain saw that runs on a lithium-ion battery. The EGO Power+ Chain Saw will easily cut through fallen tree branches without creating noxious gas fumes.


Light Up Alarm Clock



Getting up in the morning is basically the worst. Alarm clocks don’t really make things any more pleasant. However, with a light up alarm clock, light slowly floods your dark room, while soft music plays to wake you in as pleasing a manner as possible. And if that’s not enough to get you going in the morning, you can get an espresso from your aforementioned Nespresso machine.


GoPro Camera



Camera phones are great but just don’t work in certain situations. GoPro portable cameras are lightweight, tough, and small enough to fit on a headband, or wherever else you may want to mount them. GoPro cameras are for anyone you know who has a burning need to go out on an adventure while recording the whole thing.


This Christmas, remember that toys are great, but technology is even better. Bring high-tech joy to your loved ones and leave the gift cards on the store s
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