Winterizing Your Lawn: How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter


While we are enjoying some beautiful autumn weather now, winter will get here before you know it. When it does, you’ll want your lawn fully prepared for the assorted snows and polar vortexes that are sure to afflict it from December through March. So what steps can you take right now to protect your lawn during the cold, snowy months?


  1. Fertilize. The fall is a great time to lay down fertilizer. Doing it right before your lawn goes dormant for the winter is a great way to strengthen the roots of your grass, which will help it come back better than ever in the spring.


  1. Store your equipment and stock up for next season. When it’s time to get mowing next spring, you’ll want your tools to be in peak condition. Make sure to store them in a safe, dry place so they’ll be ready to go when your grass is ready to grow. Do you have gas-powered products? Then be sure to either run them until all the gas is gone, or buy and add fuel stabilizer before you store your equipment.


  1. Clear your lawn of debris. Before your beautiful grassy yard turns into frozen tundra, take a walk around and remove any rocks, branches, and other debris that may cause headaches (and ruined mower blades) in the spring.


  1. Start planning! Did you have a big lawn or garden project that you just didn’t get to this year? Start planning now so you can tackle that project head-on in the spring! Plant hedges, build a fence, re-seed your lawn with a hardier grass varietal–any major project you want to do will benefit from advanced planning now.


Winter is hard on the grass, but with the right prep work, you and your lawn will be ready to go as soon as the ground thaws next year. Winterizing might take a little work, but come spring, you’ll see that it was more than worth the effort.

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