Is Raking Good for My Lawn?


As the summer winds down, the leaves on the trees outside your home have probably begun to change color. Eventually, those leaves will fall on your yard and you will need to rake them in piles and throw them away. Just like you do every year. Raking leaves is a lot of work and it is boring, but it has to be done, right? If only there was another way.


But wait… there is another course of action: one that’s healthy for your lawn, easy to do, and fun.


Take out your cordless leaf blower and blow those leaves away.


Why should you use a leaf blower instead of a rake?


First and foremost, using a leaf blower is easier than raking. You will pile up leaves faster than you would with a rake. Using a leaf blower requires less physical effort than raking, leaving you with more energy when you finish clearing your lawn.


Also, using a leaf blower will help prevent damage to your lawn. A rake can inadvertently pull up chunks of grass from your lawn that will need to be re-planted in the spring.


Finally, using a leaf blower is fun. When you use a leaf blower, cleaning up the leaves on your lawn feels less like a chore and more like a game.


Is there ANY benefit to raking your lawn?


Yes. When spring rolls around, you can rake your lawn to remove thatch, if needed, and to loosen soil that may be compacted after having heavy winter snow on it. Use a thatch rake for best effect. If your soil is extra compacted, save the rake and aerate your lawn.


In the fall? Keep your rake in your garage and blow those leaves away. You’ll be having a great time and giving yourself a healthier lawn.

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