Five Must-Haves for the Tech-Savvy Home


They say your home is your castle. Well, it’s 2014 and it’s time to upgrade your castle to a space station. The best way to launch your home into orbit is with tech-savvy gadgets. Let’s look at five that will make your home among the most high tech in the neighborhood.


Roku 3



You may have read about cord-cutters. Cord-cutters are people who have ditched cable television for set-top boxes that allow access to TV and movies through subscription services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Well, maybe it’s time you took the plunge and became one.


When shopping for set-top boxes, you have many options. Roku 3 is one of the best on the market. By switching from cable to Roku, you will save money AND gain access to a ton of TV shows, movies, and even games.


EGO Power Plus Product or Products



EGO has created the world’s first 56-Volt lithium-ion lawnmower and a whole family of other great lawn and garden power tools that can all run on the same powerful battery. When you’re done mowing the lawn, just pop the battery into the EGO chainsaw and start cutting firewood. Then switch the battery into the hedge trimmer and get to work on those topiaries.


Aros Smart Air Conditioner



You’re smart. Shouldn’t your air conditioner be smart too? Aros’s Smart Air Conditioner learns from your preferences and adapts and adjusts accordingly. You can also control it with you iPhone. Thanks to Aros, a home with perfect temperature is just a click away.


Marshall Stanmore Wi-Fi Speakers



Wireless Speakers are a powerful and smart addition to your home. Fire up Pandora or Spotify, and rock out all day long. High tech never looked so cool.


Caso Sous Vide Center



A toaster, blender, slow cooker, bread maker, panini press, fridge, food processor… do you think you have all of the cool kitchen gadgets there are to have? Well, if you haven’t gotten a sous vide machine, your kitchen just isn’tcomplete. Sous vide machines use water and vacuum bags to evenly distribute heat throughout whatever you’re cooking. This means that you can cook meat, vegetables, or just about anything else to a perfect level of doneness throughout-every single time. If you’re in the market for a sous-vide cooker, you can’t go wrong with the Caso Sous-Vide Center.


With your home suitably groomed, cooled, unwired for video and sound and your food cooked to a perfection, sit back, kick your heels up, and enjoy your newly upgraded home.

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