EGO Blower Spread Nozzle


The blower nozzle accessory is compatible with select EGO POWER+ blowers. Add this accessory for increased control of the air flow.

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The EGO Blower Spread Nozzle provides a wider stream of air for increased directional control when used with select EGO POWER+ blowers. Add the nozzle accessory to your EGO POWER+ blowers to efficiently clear debris from hard to reach areas. The Blower Nozzle is compatible with EGO POWER+ models: LB5800, LB6150, LB6500, LB6700 and LBX6000.

Tech Specs

  • Accessory for EGO POWER+ blowers: LB5800, LB6150, LB6500, LB6700 & LBX6000
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility and quality
  • Nozzle attachment enhances operator control of air flow
  • Shaped for increased air control

EGO Blower Spread Nozzle

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