EGO 21” Premium Select Cut™ Bagging Dual-Blade Set


This Premium Bagging blade and upper blade set is specifically designed for all EGO POWER+ Select Cut™ 21” Lawn Mowers.

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The Premium Bagging Blade is a heavy-duty lower blade that turns grass into fine fragments. This lower blade is interchangeable. Use either the Premium Bagging Blade or the Premium Mulching Blade. The Upper Blade is the 2nd blade of the multi-blade system and is included in this set. This blade slices the grass the lower blade sucks up to enhance the cutting performance. This all steel blade is specifically designed for the all EGO POWER+ Select Cut™ 21” Lawn Mowers. The EGO Select Cut™ Multi-Blade System is EGO’s solution to replacing premium gas lawn mowers for good. EGO parts are designed specifically for your EGO POWER+ Lawn Mower and offer the highest quality, performance and value.

Tech Specs

  • Heavy duty mulching and bagging blade
  • Interchangeable lower blade on the Select Cut™ Multi-Blade System
  • All steel blade for excellent cutting performance
  • For use with EGO POWER+ Select Cut™ lawn mowers: LM2130, LM2133, LM2130SP, LM2135SP, LM2150SP, LM2156SP
  • Delivers a clean cut to promote lawn health
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality and performance